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Modern Metals builds up and impacts culture by supplying superior metal manufacturing solutions to bless people’s lives.


In our purpose

Humility That Puts Others First
Our company sees the people behind every contract and every order, and seeks to enrich the lives of the people we work with. We value humility and putting other people first in all we do. If you're not in it to serve you won't feel at home at Modern Metals.


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In our product

Hard Work That is Results-Driven
We understand that a reputation is built over time and can be ruined overnight. We want our customers to reinforce their reputation of quality and timeliness with Modern Metals. We commit to exceed people’s expectations with hard work and continual improvement. At Modern Metals, excellence is not simply a profit tool. It is a way of life.


In our practice

Honesty That Gains People’s Trust
We work with a focus on long-term, sustainable results and seek to cultivate trustworthy and lasting relationships with all the people we work with. Honesty, transparency, and authenticity are principles that we hold to and operate under.


We promise to be your trustworthy partner in our mutual success. We believe our customer's deserve the kind of care and attention a partner would have. That is our approach. We succeed when they succeed. We win when they win. But a partnership goes both ways. So we hold our customers to the same standards that we hold ourselves to. We promise to act like a partner, and we seek customers who value a partner relationship.
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