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Who we are

The origin of our company goes back to where most thing get started: a garage. Modern Metals laid its first weld bead in Sergey Gutsalo's garage. As that room quickly became too small for the demand, Sergey built a 10x20 shed in his backyard to expand the operation. Although Modern Metals hasn't been operating out of a shed in a long time, the mindset of its founding has been our guide. Being solution-oriented, expanding our resources to meet the demand, and having a "whatever-it-takes" approach in serving our customers is not just how we do things. It's who we are.


Our backs have been against the wall many times, and we see over and over that we come through and endure because we don’t give up. We have a willingness to persevere that is engraved in our DNA, a commitment to finish the race that we cannot shake off, and a tenacity to take another punch if it gives us another inch. Our beliefs and our history make it clear that even in a hard-pressed situation, when it seems like there is no victory, Modern Metals has an unwavering tenacity to persevere and pull-through. It's who we are.

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